Natural teething pain remedies that work!


Atlas just turned 6 months and he is most definitely teething. His fingers are constantly in his mouth and he wants to chew everything that he grabs (including my nipple!). So I've been working on ways to alleviate his discomfort and these are some effective methods that have worked for us.

1. Freeze a washcloth- you may dip it in chamomile tea if you like. Allow baby to suck on the frozen washcloth. It will help soothe itchy and painful gums, while chamomile has a natural calming effect. We use this washcloth here.

2. Frozen soothies. A big hit for us has been giving Atlas frozen pacifiers, the silicon is soft enough for him to gnaw on. He has never taken a pacifier, so this works excellent for us!

3. Invest in an infant toothbrush. We have the Baby Banana but you may purchase any infant toothbrush with similar bristles.

4. Amber teething necklaces. Amber releases succinic acid when it comes into contact with heat (skin). Succinic acid works to reduce inflammation. I'm a true believer in healing crystals and I believe this has worked wonders for us so far.

5. Nuby Ice Bite Teether Keys. They're made to freeze and so easy to use!

6. Wooden teether. We have one from Bannor Toys and it comes with a clip so you can take it wherever you go!

7. Finger massage. Lightly press on the gum and move finger back and forth.

8. Breastfeed. Breastfeed. Breastfeed. Enough said.

9. Frozen food. We just started Baby Led Weaning, and Atlas loves bananas. I put popsicle sticks on cut up bananas and freeze them for him to chew on!

10. Accupressure. There are particular points within the body that help reduce teething pain. One of them is a point in the baby's hand. This point is an effective pain reliever for many symptoms including migraines.