Absolute Newborn Essentials (Minimalist version)

©Sezy Aydin instagram.com/the.aydins

I truly believe that it's a myth when people say that "babies are expensive", actually, babies don't need much at all, especially newborns. I compiled a list of things that you absolutely NEED with a newborn and the quality brands that I love. Check it out!

1. 100% Hardwood Crib (or bassinet) & mattress. You really do not need a "bassinet", we ended up moving Atlas's crib in our room and co-shared (& still do). Those newborn days are extremely difficult, so opt for one or the other, at least for the first 6 months.

I had my heart set on a crib made from Rosewood but after choosing to share a room, I looked far and wide for a hardwood crib that was also not huge. A lot of the cribs have a combination of pine and MDF, although pine is great for making furniture it is not a hardwood and scratches easily and MDF, well, it's just a fancy word for plastic. So, we chose the Kendall crib in white from Pottery Barn which is 100% poplar wood.

We never used a bassinet, but I think Plum&Sparrow has the best naturally made artisan moses baskets which can be used for the subsequent kids!

As for a mattress, I made sure to pick something 100% natural and organic but is also sturdy and firm. We picked Naturepedic mattress filled with wool. Naturepedic mattresses are made by the Amish in a very old fashioned and sturdy way!

2. Car seat/stroller combo. Well, this one is no-brainer because you can't leave the hospital without a carseat! We chose the Britax stroller system and it has been a lifesaver with its multi-use functionality. Opt for something that will last-you really don't need a jogging stroller, a car seat holder, another stroller to go on walks etc. One does the trick and lasts a long time!

3. Dresser/changer. Because we were limited on space, we cleared out the left side of our closet and fit the Kendall dresser/changer. I'm calling this a necessity for us, but if you have a big enough closet with room, you don't need a separate dresser for baby.

4. Chair. All those hours spent breastfeeding on that one chair. It doesn't have to be a rocking chair (ours was a gift from my mother) but it is soooo extremely important to pick something that is comfortable and that the baby can grow with. Personally, if I had the choice and room, I would have picked something like an arm chair that I knew would last. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should have comfortable arm support, and really good back support. Don’t buy a chair without sitting on it, you might regret it later!

5. Bath-tub. We used the 4Moms up until 5 months and it was amazing. It fit right into the sink, had a thermometer, and was made so that clean water flows through one end and out the other.

6. Clothes! Depending on the season, your needs will change for babies clothes. But your little monkey will only fit into the newborn clothing for 2.5 week at tops. So do not buy a ton of clothes!

Atlas was a Spring Baby so here is what we bought for him for his first 3 months of life:

3 Loved Baby PJs
3 Short-sleeve onesies combo Burt's Bees & Loved Baby
3 Long sleeve onesies (Burt's Bees)
3 pants (Burt's Bees)
6 pairs of socks (Gerber's)
2 Beanies (Slouch Headwear)

 I hope this helps!