10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


This year's seasons have been really off, and it shows all around the globe. Why is it still high 90s in October in San Francisco? Our beautiful Napa County has been struck with wildfires as of this morning, and all the hurricanes that are happening back to back are really making me think that it is entirely our fault that the Earth is "acting up". Actually, no, I 100% believe it is our fault. There has been so much hearsay about Global Warming and although the facts are backed up with science, some people still don't "believe" it, but it is REALLY happening. & We are doing NOTHING about it.

Part of being a minimalist is being conscious of your environment and I think by doing so, we can work together and help reduce our Carbon Footprint. We waste SO much, especially here in US and a lot of the times we don't realize it when doing so. Having traveled often, I have witnessed people turning off the water when brushing their teeth to unplugging their cords to reduce electricity. This is actually the norm in other parts of the world, but in the states we have a hard time adhering to them.

Here is a list of some things that we especially practice in our home to reduce our Carbon Footprint and I think you can do it too!

1. Mind your water usage: As previously mentioned, this could be as easy as turning off the water when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. You also really do not need to take a 20 minute shower or a bath everyday. If you "power shower" (under 5 mins), you can save 17000 liters of water, 95$ on your water bill and 160$ on gas!

2. Buy or grow organic: Organic farming improves soil quality, preserves biodiversity, reduces fossil-fuel use, carbon emissions and chemical run off that pollutes water, to name a few.

3. Ditch laundry detergent and softener! Do you have any idea how many chemicals are in there? No? Check out ewg.org and look up ratings for thousands of household items! I recently started making our own detergent and softener and it's so EASY & saves us tons of money. Check out this blog post on how to make your own detergent and softener here.

4. RE-CYCLE and COMPOST! Better yet, MIND your plastics. We are surrounded by SO MANY hydrocarbons that disrupt our endocrine system and cause distress to wildlife as well as the planet. Choosing compostable items (such as bottles made from corn) allows you to compost them and gives back to the Earth.

5. Turn off and UNPLUG your electrical chords. As long as they are plugged in, you are wasting energy and hiking up your electrical bill. Do your wallet and the planet a favor.

6. Walk or bike, don't drive. If your local target and grocery store is 2 blocks away, NO, you really do not need to drive your car. Walk, bike, or carpool when you can!

7. "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down!" We use this motto a lot in the house, and the two of us really don't care who's gone wee in the toilet. It saves so much water!

8. Use LED light bulbs. These use less energy and last longer.

9. Go Green! Grow your own veggies and fruit if you can. Get plants for in and around the house that clears your air and the soil. Some phytoremedic plants are in the geranium family and here is a good list for plants that clear the air. Plus, who doesn't like a little greenery around the household?

10. Hang-dry your clothes. This might actually be the European in us, but we are always hanging our clothes whenever we can to dry. This prevents the colors from fading and prevents them from being "worn-out". :)

What are some things you do to help Planet Earth?

with love,