Marriage after baby (Pt II)


Helllllloooooo! It's been a while since, I've made a blog post on marriage. The truth is, I don't get to make that much time in our marriage anymore to "write" about it, which gives me more of an incentive to do so. Because every relationship needs nurturing, and we tend to neglect it once we are caught up in parenting and life in general.

Sedat and I are so busy all the time, he's busy with school, work, his band rehearsals, and private lessons. While so many couples look forward to the weekend to spend time as a family, we unfortunately do not even get that because he's booked up with private lessons Sat/Sun. Although I get to take Atlas on family gatherings, most of the time my husband isn't there. So as of lately we've been discussing how to incorporate more time into our schedules that we get *alone* time together, whether it be just me and him or me, him, and Atlas, the point is to spend time together.

It's HARD. There is nothing cookie cutter about a relationship although it might look that way from the outside. The two people constantly need to work together to keep a balance, and I'm so grateful that my perfect husband keeps me well grounded when I might be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

We decided that several times a month we will go out just me and him-whether it'd be for a drink, walk or movie, it doesn't matter as long as we get a couple hours together alone. We've never hired a babysitter and I still have anxiety leaving Atlas, so this month we will attempt to leave him for a couple hours with my parents and go to the Halloween Haunt at Great America! More so, it is also my Birthday MONTH, and October is naturally my favorite month as there are so many things happening around our city.

Here's our bucket list for our "Dates" this month:

1. Halloween Haunt at Great America: tickets are only $30 and it runs from F-Su evenings throughout October.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch with Atlas, whether permitting.

3. Go out for a drink at a quiet place!

4. Discover a new "place"

Sedat is my rock and I love him so much. This parenting thing would be so hard if he weren't there to lift me up and help out. Sometimes, it gets difficult to remember how we got to where we are in the first place and I think it's so important to make the time!

What are some ways you make time in your relationship?

with love,