What is Konmari?

"Our life is frittered by detail, simplify, simplify, simplify." -Henry Thoreau

When was the last time you were truly happy? To me happiness has always been less. Less has always been more. I am at my true happy state when my mind is decluttered and my heart is at peace.


The idea of minimalism was forced upon me per se. I was the type of person that hoarded clothes and kept them neatly organized in my closet for decades. I grew a sentimental attachment to the stuff I owned for no good reason because it was just nice to own them. When I found out I was pregnant with Atlas, the biggest stressor that was on my mind was how the 3 of us will share a 10x10 bedroom. Where were we going to put his clothes? Changing table? What about my clothes? My husband's? Believe it or not, for the whole 37 weeks that I was pregnant, this is something that I had nightmares trying to figure out.

Of course for inspiration, I was continuously pinning. The idea of Konmari first appeared in my head this way and I thought to myself that this might be the answer that I have been looking for.

What is Konmari? Konmari is a Japanese tidying method to declutter and transform a space. The idea is to let go of items that don't truly make you happy and keep the ones that still spark joy. I mean, do we really need 15 white camisoles that look the same? Or 20 pairs of light-wash jeans? (No, you really don't!) So, at 30 weeks pregnant, I was completely emptying the left side of my double sided closet that I shared with my Sedat. I started first by imagining what I want the room to look like. The left side of the double closet is where Atlas's dresser-changer would go, with the mirror sliding doors completely taken out to expose the space. The right side would be exclusively ours. We split the right closet in half, the top half mainly my clothes, and the bottom Sedat's.


As I went through each clothing one by one, asking myself if it truly made me happy, I realized that 90% of the things I owned, I really did not care about and maybe wore once in a decade.  Can you believe that we filled up 15 bags full of different clothing? And by the end just the thought of letting go of all unwanted items and donating it to someone in need made me so much more content. It was a win-win situation because we had room for everyone in our little living space.

Now I live with a capsule wardrobe and I love each and every piece of my clothing! I can only encourage you to try this method, maybe start with your underwear drawer. You would be surprised how many mismatched socks are just hanging out in there that you probably don't need!

With love,


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