How To Survive Post Partum Anxiety @ Disneyland


Post-partum anxiety hit me like a storm. I've been so worried that something is going to happen to my baby that I've been having panic attacks as of lately. The idea of going to a family trip to Disneyland terrified me. The crowds & the heat, the first idea that I thought of was someone running into us while we're walking and Atlas getting terribly hurt. I didn't want to go on any rides, or wait in any lines, and I was afraid that if I did, I would have a panic attack and faint.

Luckily, Disneyland was beyond accommodating. The first thing I did once we arrived was go to Chamber of Commerce to talk about their services for someone who suffers from post-partum anxiety like my self. Disneyland offers a service for mamas like me called Disability Access Service, which allows me to not stand in lines for long periods of time. It works like this—you scan your ticket with the rest of your party (up to 6 guests) at a designated kiosk for the ride you want to go on, and they give you a return time that is usually within an hour. This gave me the freedom to use the restroom, breastfeed Atlas, change him, and go back to the entrance and skip the crowds. They also offer the ride switch program, where you hand off your baby/child and go on the ride one after another. It was a relief knowing that I wouldn't put my baby in danger, won't have to faint, and won't stay in line without him for hours and hours wondering if he needs me.

On top of this Disneyland has two areas sponsored by Huggies where moms can breastfeed in peace, change diapers, buy baby needs, and make formula. I visited the center to see what it was like, and personally found it a little weird to be in a room with 15 moms breastfeeding their babies in rocking chairs. But if it's your thing, definitely utilize the complimentary space! I had no problem breastfeeding Atlas throughout the park, but tried to stay out of the crowds and heat.

Overall our Disney experience was a breeze with the DAS program and the grandmothers there to help us. Disney is extremely baby friendly (compared to Universal) and was very accommodating to my "disability". Atlas won't remember any of this, but we will have photos to show him that it really did happen (& He was PERFECT) !

In honor of #AMellowMonday , I am proud of myself that I was able to survive through this weekend without any worries!

with love,



Diaper bag c/o Fawn Design

Atlas's hat c/o Under The Nile