5 ways to prevent anxiety naturally


Friday started out with a bang and ended with the complete polar opposite. It's tough dealing with this because in between my anxiety I think I've overcome it, like it won't happen again, and such was the case after Friday's nightmare was over. The weekend came and went by, and then this morning approached where I felt the same emotions again. It got me thinking what I can do today—this week—to keep up good energy and not succumb to having another panic attack. I want to shed some light into how I've been feeling as of lately because I got some negative feedback saying what I'm feeling is "not real". (I wish!)

I think the main reason for feeling anxious is downright hormones and being a new mom. I've always been a highly intuitive person so it's been impossible to hide any feelings that I've been experiencing, whether good or bad. That's just how I am, I'm an open book. Some see this as a flaw, but it gives me solace to know I'm not something else I don't want to be. The second reason I think is because I haven't had the time to exercise. For the most part, I've always been an active person even throughout my pregnancy. Exercise tires my mind as well as my body so I'm able to go through my day not overthinking. Then there are other problems that are currently not under my control but I wish it was. Adding all these things makes me freak out on a daily basis. Add Atlas's safety and wellbeing to the equation and it has a domino effect on me. I can't control my heart rate, my breathing, my surroundings close in, and my vision gets blurred and so starts a nightmarish panic attack. It derails me and leaves me with zero energy. How am I supposed to be a good mother and a partner dealing with this on a regular basis? 

So for today and rest of the week I will try and do the following things listed below, naturally. Although I think medicine is great for some people, I want it to be the last resort for me. If I can get to at least one out of the list without having a panic attack, YEAY ME!


1. Practice square breathing once anxious thoughts and feelings appear. (It is said this is proven by Drs to reduce rapid heart rate associated with anxiety)

2. Attend a yoga session, or try to do yoga at home. 

3. Walk away from external stressors beyond my control. I'm only responsible for my own actions and words. 

4. Go OUTSIDE. Be one with nature and away from commotion. 

5. Write a list of things that are on my mind before I go to sleep. Rip up the list in the morning. 

So there you have it. What do you do to ward off anxious feelings?


With love,