How to Fall Capsule for Baby!


Ah, the bipolar weather seems to be affecting all of us. Especially here in the Bay where the weather has been going from 80 to 60 week by week. I've been so excited to create a Fall Capsule for Atlas, but I also feel like Autumn has been teasing us!

The beginning of a capsule closet consists of a handful clothing you need and love for that "season". I've always been hesitant to make one for Atlas, considering how fast he grows, but upon further consideration, I actually think it was the best decision I have made-for our budget and for his sake.

My motto to create a capsule is quality>quantity. When selecting wardrobe staples, whether it be for your child or yourself, it is wise to pick something that will not only last but be wearable in multiple ways whether for your next child or one after. To start Atlas's wardrobe off, I stuck with mostly neutral clothing with a touch of Fall colors. California never gets too cold, but San Francisco is always windy, along with our beaches, it can reach chilly temperatures where the little one might catch a cold. If you're wearing a sweater (SWEATER WEATHER!) the point is, your baby probably needs another layer. Depending on where you live, it is wise to select a range of clothing for appropriate weather conditions.

I also selected clothing that I know comes from a good source. Did you know that most fabricated clothing gets dipped in Formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling? Most of the hand-knits we chose come from Nepal with fair-trade conditions and others are home-made from the finest fibers from small businesses. This way, I know Atlas's clothes won't rip or shrink right away and is also free from chemicals and dyes. 

Make sure to size accordingly when picking outfits for little ones! Right now, Atlas is wearing clothing fit for a 6-9 month old, so I sized up quite a bit to give him wiggle room until the end of the year. Most of his clothing, depending on the brand, is size 12-18 months.

All in all, for Atlas's Fall Capsule I have chosen:

  • 5 Sweaters & Cardigans

  • 3 Rompers

  • 3 Bloomers with matching hats

  • 3 Knit Pants, 1 Denim Jeans, 4 Leggings

  • 3 Tights, 2 Booties, 4 pairs of socks

  • 5 Short-sleeved onesies

  • 5 Long-sleeved onesies

  • 6 Pajamas (1 Fleece)

  • 1 Padded Wind-Breaker

    Click the photo below to shop for some of his capsule staples from our favorite shops!

There you have it! Are you planning on making a capsule for your child this Fall? Please let me know if I can be of any service!

with love,