How I Edit My Photos


I get this question a lot through my DMs on Instagram and I honestly admit that I am the worst person when it comes to replying to messages, not just IG messages, but any message in general, through email, iMessage etc. I read and forget. And it’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s simply because I’m too busy doing something with Atlas. So instead of shuffling through 30+ of the same messages and replying the same thing, I figured I’d do a simple tutorial of how I turn a bland image from my camera to the clean and bright version on instagram. And I want to help those who are starting and have no idea how to take curated photographs, yet alone edit them.

First things first. LIGHTING.

I hate taking iPhone photos because the shadows are always too dark and there seems to be a yellowish hue to all photos. I say invest in a good camera, it doesn’t have to be fancy, even a point and shoot like THIS would do. Then take photos under the same light conditions. For example, if the sun hits your room at 9am without being too bright, snap photos, set-up your scene etc. If you capture something that is a good memory but occurred at 8pm, you should probably not use that photo for instagram, save it for your memories instead. Consistency is key here, all the curated feeds have a theme that is usually followed. However, if you’re going for a moody theme for your IG, then snap photos later in the afternoon before sunset. You will still get good lighting with less noise.

For me, I always take photos around 10-12pm when the sun is hitting our bedrooms. Our apartment is usually quite dark, so anytime after that and I’m in trouble. Especially with daylight savings. After 3pm, we lose quality sun.

Make sure when you’re taking photos you use gridlines and your images are upright. The IG algorithm favors square and portrait mode over landscape. If you take a landscape photo but need to crop it to a square or portrait, make sure you allow enough space in your camera to do this later and not end up with cropped subjects.

Finally, bring your photos to Lightroom or VSCO. When I started out, I used VSCO. I recently switched to Lightroom since creating my own Presets. But I think VSCO is extremely user friendly and helps achieve beautiful curated feeds.

Here’s my usual VSCO recipe:

Brightness (+3)
Contrast (+1)
Tone (Blue -(1-2), Pink +1)
Sharpening (+4)
Filter: A6 (+4) or M5 (+4-6) or A4(+3) Any of the Analog filters are great really!

Lastly, I crop and straighten my photo usually to 4:5 and tilt the axis if necessary.

Take a peek below to see the before and after!



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