Letter to my One Year Old

Photography//  Cari Courtright

Photography// Cari Courtright

Dear Atlas,

I've watched you blossom into this happy, silly, observant boy over the past year. You spread joy to everyone around you and I hope that never changes. You made me believe in a love deeper than any that I've ever known and for that I thank you. You are my best friend, my confidant, and even such a young age you can still understand emotions and be there for your Mom even if I stub my toe. You are loving and polite and I hope when you read this letter when you grow up you will remember to be so throughout your life.

I love all your stages of growth. You are instinctively musical, love dancing, reading, swimming, running after Nala, exploring the world around you. You are so intuitive for such a young age. When I have a bad day, you can definitely sense it and want to hug me more and more. You HATE loud noises, people who stress out your mom, anyone talking loudly or angrily, and I try to save you from those situations as much as possible. Your Dad and I want to give you the world and more and we thank heavens each day that you are ours.

You are perfect in every way and I promise to be there for you as you continue to change and grow and become the young little boy you are meant to be.


Your Ma-ma.


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