How to have a Turkish Breakfast- "Kahvalti"


Turkish breakfasts are unlike any other that I have seen in the world. The word "Kahvalti" (Kaa-val-tuh) has a literal meaning of "Before Coffee" when translated. Unlike the Western world, the strong aromatic Turkish coffee is saved for after breakfast which gives the meaning to the word.

Kahvalti's are like a ritual; little plates packed with variety of foods to satisfy the palate. Slowly brewed black tea, extra virgin olive oil, variety of cheeses, freshly cut tomatoes and cucumbers, homemade jams, olives, french fries, eggs, and "sucuk", a peppered salami made from beef, are some of the usual things to be found on the Kahvalti table.

Below you will find a list of what to buy in order to have your very own Kahvalti at home (&places where I purchase them!) :

Feta-we use this brand here and purchase it from Costco

Black olives-Unlike Western culture, Turkish breakfasts do not have any pickled or canned olives. It's made by rocking the black olives in a container of salt and is a very slow process. You can find similar black olives in your local Mediterranean shop!

Sucuk-much like the black olives usually the sucuk is imported from Turkey. There are a few places in the Bay Area that sell this (along with others)—below are a few shops that we purchase from!

-Samiramis Imports
-Rose Market
-Royal Market & Bakery

You can even purchase your own Turkish Teapot and black tea from some of the above shops!

Will you be trying your own Kahvalti? If so, please do let me know how it goes in the comments!

with love,